Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dennis Ice Bowl Report

A McGaan Trio and a Kennedy interloper made the Trip to represent Ballindalloch at the Dennis Ice Bowl on the 1st day of Advent.It was a format familiar to all of us with points making prizes (similar to our jaunts to Aberdeen v Fochabers!) and it consisted of fourthree end games.  The only difference to the normal format was that there was no "Social Breaks" between match-ups
The first game was a lively tussle v Dalcross which saw the injured Kennedy make his first tentative steps on the comeback trail after handsurgery.  Leading and skipping saw a gentle return to the curling fray.  It also ensured zero sweeping, nothing new there then I hear you cry!
A steady start saw some excellent shot play from Katie & Ray with Father Dave bringing up the rear and making some telling draws & guards.6 up after 2 saw them coast to an easy victory, but the foot was removed from the gas a shade too early as a three was lost in the last!!!! 6-3
Second Game the Ballindalloch quartet started where they had finished. Kennedy set up promising ends with his, by now, customary in-turn draw(bless...the out-turn was too sore!).  Katie then kept things tidy and Ray stuck a few more in leaving not a lot for Dave to do than Guard.  The poor ladies from Forres were overcome with a veritable tsunami of shot-making from Ballindalloch who recorded a 7-0 victory.
Third game the Loch Ness Monsters were Ballindalloch's adversaries. It was to be a clash of the Titans as both were riding high in the standings of theevent.  1st end was played well by both rinks and some early set-up work left the end looking good fo Ballindalloch. A missed guard proved costly and a hit and roll from Loch Ness's Gillies turned the end in the Monsters favour two excellent shots from McGaan almost swung the end back, but the Loch Ness skip managed to craft replies which secured a big 4.  The next end Ballindalloch fought back and set a superb deuce in the house that were guarded 
by two staggered stones and another 8 inches over the hog.  Gillies raised that stone between the two guards and lifted the shots to lie 4.  Luckily Santa Gallacher arrived and his guard was a shade long leaving McGaan a slim chance of a hit and roll to save the day.....which was made with much aplomb!!!! 1-4 going into the last end and it was time for another in the series of guddles!  The end looked good until third stones when the on-fire Gillies manufactured
a telling half checked guard which sealed everything up and left Loch Ness with a two and Ballindalloch sunk without a trace in this Titanic battle.
Soup followed and a rejuvenated Ballindalloch ventured forth to ply their wits against a Stuffy Highland Rink.  Again the Ballindalloch crew managed to get off to a flyer and picked up a noble two with a stunning hit and roll from McGaan the Senior followed by a draw.  The next end saw their opponents skip make some unforced errors and relinquish a 3.  But the form of previous games returned as either the foot was lifted from the gas or the gas just ran out and 
after a series of missed guards and missed hits saw th Highlanders get a three back in the last.
Stats for the day ...Three wins.....One Sinking......... 60 points and an unbelievable 2cnd place!!!!!  Kennedy managed 23 in-turn draws 1 out-turn, no hogs no through!!!  McGaan Junior managed to put up with playing with the seniors!  McGaan (Mrs) loved her adventure at third and rose to the challenge...McGaan SENIOR found yet another way to deliver a curling stone. This one was a rare but welcome change from normal as it involved sliding up the brush and releasing in the same direction.  Long may that continue!  Drink was drunk to finish things off and Loch Ness were Chastised for being our iceberg in the path to victory

Thanks to Gordie for the report and congratulations to the team. 

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