Sunday, 16 December 2012

Division1 G.Kennedy vs S. Rankin

Gordie reports:

It was with some trepidation that Ballindalloch entered into the match v The Buckie Boys on Wednesday it was a mere 9 months 
since they last met in Division 1 and on that occasion removing the granny was the primary concern after 4 ends and they failed inthat quest during a 16-0 rout.  So when Kennedy faced 5 counters and a hanger without last stone there was a cold chill of realisationthe same path may about to be trod again.  Just failing to hide with his first left Rankin a chip and lie which was played to perfection.  Next stone came up three feet shot of locking on the target but cut down the count to three.....luckily Rankin missed out on the measure for four!!!! 
End 2 Tony Duncan found his weight and Ryan Mackenzie dealt well with two excellent Buckie counters to leave Ballindalloch looking in good shape to come back with a two or a three.  Steve McGingle stuck on two perfect guards and the granny was looking to be off!  Then Rankin pulled off a wonder double and stick to lie 3.  Kennedy's first was a foot of running too far and it was removed unceremoniouslyleaving the same draw again for a one.  This time the weight was perfect.  Brows mopped.  Granny off. Game on!
End three was again set up well by the front end and numerous attempt to strip off well placed guards in front of a Ballindalloch counter onthe four foot failed to do their job.  Kennedy pulled a nice draw round the cover and awaited the next shot to place another guard on.  Rankin this time toed in his peel shot (or it picked up!) but instead of removing the guard it raised it back to take the double!  Kennedy's guard hung wide and sat leaving the easy double for two which was gratefully accepted....5-1 down after 3, not the game plan!
End four was a cracking end with every player playing to their best and McGingle putting a stunning brace behind a guard that left Rankin nothing to play but a stupid angle raise from somewhere stupid on the sheet.  As this filled his CV to perfection he did of course make it take the double and lie 3.  luckily there was a draw to the shot just to the left of the button and thanks to some superb sweeping Kennedy shaved one round the guard and lay shot.  Ranking decided to put on a guard and lose the one but left just enough room to shave past it and just fold off to lie two. It
was to be a turning point in the game.  5-3 and back in.
Buckie decided to keep things clean in end 5 and got in a bit of a mess to start with but by skips stones it was tidy again and Kennedy managed to throw the gayest tap back of the night with his first, it never even tapped!  Rankin refused the chance by throwing through his draw. Kennedy then through the next gayest tap back but at least this time did tap, behind cover but left all the 8 foot for the draw for one, this act of charity was accepted gratefully......6-3
Another end of keeping clean failed early and then succeeded in the later stages but an unexpected pair of misses, the first by Campbell the second by Rankin saw Kennedy gifted with a hit and stick for two.  Gift accepted it was 6-5.  Buckie were now looking to hit for home and Blank 7 and take their single with the Hammer in 8.  It all went to plan until Campbell nosed a guard and rolled just into the house with his first leaving McGingle a come around which was played well but drifted log behind cover. Campbells second just failed to make shot but was in the open.  Kennedy's attempt to take it out was 
woeful and just chipped across to the other side the front of the house. Rankin Elected to lift the guard and open up the back counter and played it to perfection.Kennedy elected at his pitiful barrier weight to hit the stone he had just worried across the house and roll half checked behind the Buckie counter.  If it had of been picked up and placed it couldn't have rolled to a better position.  What followed was ever heroism or stupidity.  Rankin went for the Double Raise to lie two 
when the draw for one was screaming its case for being best choice.  Perfection was what was required and failed to be delivered. Two for the Good Guys! 7-6 up.
The 8th was perhaps the most lack luster of the night with each side missing chances to put pressure on the opposition.  A mid rink conference between Team Ballindalloch members went along the lines of risky shot to win or safe to guarantee the draw......DRAW was the call all day every day!!!!!  Those shots made the pressure was on last Stone hit for Rankin which he made with the help of a fair sweeping effort from his front end.  A draw was the end result and points shared but
at the end of the night it was Ballindalloch with the feeling that victory had for once been snatched from the jaws of defeat!  Sets a nice close league up for next season.  If the Ballindalloch front end can keep on arriving on time and playing well and the tail end can can continue their rich vein of form there is still all to be played for, just
as long as Kennedy leaves his pink trousers at home.....

Scottish Junior Curling Championships

Congratulations to Eilidh Yeats, who along with her team of Alison Wood, Ellie Fraser and Rebecca Morrison have qualified for the finals of the Scottish Junior Championships.

Completing the qualifying weekend with a record of five wins and two defeats was enough to see them compete for the chance to represent Scotland at the World Junior Championships in Sochi, Russia next February. 

The Finals will be held at Curl-Aberdeen from 23rd -  27th January. 

Good luck girls. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Province Division 1 G.Kennedy vs A.Duncan

Akin to the first game of the season Ballindalloch managed to just field three players to start their 4th 
Provence League game of the season against Abby Duncan.  Ryan "Speedy" Mackenzie managing to 
donate the opposition 2 points to go with the possible 3 he accrued getting to the rink!!!!!! Gordie
Kennedy was making an unscheduled return to the and just about managed to get the sympathy vote
with his pathetic leftie handshakes at the start of the game.
Whether that sympathy spilled into the game is hard to say but a series of good draws by Tony Duncan, guards by 
Ryan and Steve McGingle and deft tap backs by Gordie were rewarded my a string of wrecks and misses from
their Fochabers based opponents.  The resultant 3 at least got rid of the initial handicap.  The following end was
a bit more of the same with all the Ballindalloch boys playing their shots to perfection.  Pick of the bunch were two
back to back draws by Steve, or John Wilson's raise of a Ballindalloch stone onto a Fochabers counter!  Poor 
sweeping almost cost the Ballindalloch boys the end as a guard wasn't swept and lat short enough to require removal,
but Abby Duncan failed to capitalise on the error and hit and rolled out to leave four Blue counters.
The next end had some superb shot-making by both side and the one was forced. In the fourth Ballindalloch played 
some stunning shots to set a big end only to see John Wilson demolish all their hard work with a stunning triple.  It 
didn't stop however Ballindalloch conjuring up a barrier weight tap back for the Duece.  9-3 at the half way point.
End Five saw steady play from both sides and again the single was forced. Six saw a few unforced errors creep in 
and the high shot making averages slip for Ballindalloch but the end swung back their way with a draw round cover 
by Gordie, A miss from Abby and the two taken very gratefully with another identical draw. 11-4 after 6
It was a stunning end to watch and be a part of in the penultimate end.  Guards, draws, hit & rolls, freezes were all 
executed to near perfection by the Ballindalloch front end and Steve McGingle made a superb draw round into cover
and only just failed to shot.  Gordie's "delivery" to try to execute the tap back more resembled a dying swan than a
ballet slider. somehow it ended up as a guard though and that again forced the single.  So down the last and the boys 
did their level best to manufacture defeat from the jaws of victory. after a promising start a series of misses and a final
failed attempted tap back from Kennedy gifted a two back to the opposition.  11-7 the final tally then and limp leftie
handshakes from the Skip to finish the night.  A job well done to set up a 1 v 2 clash against Buckie next week.  A 
continuation of this form could see a cracker of a game, or a repetition of the granny humping that was handed out 
last game last season.  Time will tell........stay tuned for another thrilling instalment of.......

Thanks to Gordie for the match report. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dennis Ice Bowl Report

A McGaan Trio and a Kennedy interloper made the Trip to represent Ballindalloch at the Dennis Ice Bowl on the 1st day of Advent.It was a format familiar to all of us with points making prizes (similar to our jaunts to Aberdeen v Fochabers!) and it consisted of fourthree end games.  The only difference to the normal format was that there was no "Social Breaks" between match-ups
The first game was a lively tussle v Dalcross which saw the injured Kennedy make his first tentative steps on the comeback trail after handsurgery.  Leading and skipping saw a gentle return to the curling fray.  It also ensured zero sweeping, nothing new there then I hear you cry!
A steady start saw some excellent shot play from Katie & Ray with Father Dave bringing up the rear and making some telling draws & guards.6 up after 2 saw them coast to an easy victory, but the foot was removed from the gas a shade too early as a three was lost in the last!!!! 6-3
Second Game the Ballindalloch quartet started where they had finished. Kennedy set up promising ends with his, by now, customary in-turn draw(bless...the out-turn was too sore!).  Katie then kept things tidy and Ray stuck a few more in leaving not a lot for Dave to do than Guard.  The poor ladies from Forres were overcome with a veritable tsunami of shot-making from Ballindalloch who recorded a 7-0 victory.
Third game the Loch Ness Monsters were Ballindalloch's adversaries. It was to be a clash of the Titans as both were riding high in the standings of theevent.  1st end was played well by both rinks and some early set-up work left the end looking good fo Ballindalloch. A missed guard proved costly and a hit and roll from Loch Ness's Gillies turned the end in the Monsters favour two excellent shots from McGaan almost swung the end back, but the Loch Ness skip managed to craft replies which secured a big 4.  The next end Ballindalloch fought back and set a superb deuce in the house that were guarded 
by two staggered stones and another 8 inches over the hog.  Gillies raised that stone between the two guards and lifted the shots to lie 4.  Luckily Santa Gallacher arrived and his guard was a shade long leaving McGaan a slim chance of a hit and roll to save the day.....which was made with much aplomb!!!! 1-4 going into the last end and it was time for another in the series of guddles!  The end looked good until third stones when the on-fire Gillies manufactured
a telling half checked guard which sealed everything up and left Loch Ness with a two and Ballindalloch sunk without a trace in this Titanic battle.
Soup followed and a rejuvenated Ballindalloch ventured forth to ply their wits against a Stuffy Highland Rink.  Again the Ballindalloch crew managed to get off to a flyer and picked up a noble two with a stunning hit and roll from McGaan the Senior followed by a draw.  The next end saw their opponents skip make some unforced errors and relinquish a 3.  But the form of previous games returned as either the foot was lifted from the gas or the gas just ran out and 
after a series of missed guards and missed hits saw th Highlanders get a three back in the last.
Stats for the day ...Three wins.....One Sinking......... 60 points and an unbelievable 2cnd place!!!!!  Kennedy managed 23 in-turn draws 1 out-turn, no hogs no through!!!  McGaan Junior managed to put up with playing with the seniors!  McGaan (Mrs) loved her adventure at third and rose to the challenge...McGaan SENIOR found yet another way to deliver a curling stone. This one was a rare but welcome change from normal as it involved sliding up the brush and releasing in the same direction.  Long may that continue!  Drink was drunk to finish things off and Loch Ness were Chastised for being our iceberg in the path to victory

Thanks to Gordie for the report and congratulations to the team. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

It has been a while since the last post, apologies, quite a few games have been played in that time, some good, others not so!

In Province Division 1 Gordie Kennedy and his rink have played 3 games so far with impressive wins over newly promoted Bill Jaffrey (7-5) and last season's Division 1 winner Kenny Oswald (6-2).  Gordie sat out the last game against Gav Nicol, as he was recovering from surgery.  Steve McGingle took over skipping duties with Robert Bremner coming in at second.  The game was over early, Gav playing exceptionally well and the good guys struggling from the start, score 11-2. With a 2W/1L record Team Kennedy sit 3rd in the table and  play Abby Duncan this Wednesday evening in a battle of 2nd vs 3rd, good luck guys!

In Province Division 3 Lynn Scott and her rink have played 4 games with mixed fortunes.  In the opening game of the season Team Scott peeled 7-7 with Ronald Christie, but due to a 3 shot penalty for using a division 1 sub, Lynn recorded the win (10-7).  With Charlie Watt's quick play the second game ran for nine ends! Team Scott leading 7-4 going down the 8th, before giving away a 4!!  Thankfully, with her last stone of the ninth end, Lynn played a delicate hit and stick for the peel (8-8).  The third game was keenly contested, but Team Scott dug deep to record the win against A.Grant (8-5).  The last game vs David Kilgour was a tough battle, David was firing on all cylinders, team scott was running on empty and recorded their first loss of the campaign (6-5) and only their second loss in three years.

In Province Division 5 Stuart Mackenzie and his rink have played 3 games and performed extremely well.   In their opening encounter they posted a good win against Linda Hardie (6-5) before making light work of Douglas Howie (9-4) and the wrought over C.Guald (14-6) sees Team Mackenzie proudly sitting at the top of Division 5.  Team Mackenzie take on the undefeated Moray Juniors this coming Wednesday, good luck guys!

All three Ballindalloch teams are in contention going into the second half of the season, keep up the good play :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Province League Round-up

Notice anything unusual with the image above (other than Gordie not ferociously shouting for sweeping on Ryan's stone)? 

Yep, you guessed it, there are only three Ballindalloch curlers on the ice, this was the theme for both Ballindalloch teams in our early session games on Wednesday night.  In the game in question Steve Mcgingle, third for Gordie Kennedy, pulled his calf muscle during the first end of play and had to leave it up to Gordie, Ryan and Tony to carry on without him.  This didn't seems to affect the team as they ran out winners over Bill Jaffrey's Fochabers rink in their opening game of the season. 

On the centre sheet Stuart Mackenzie had similar trouble, Kyle Mackenzie had to leave the ice in the second end due to ill health forcing the team to also carry on with three members.  Like team Kennedy, team Mackenzie held out for their second win in as many weeks. 

In the late session team Scott faced Forres' Charlie Watt, with both teams having won their first games it was always going to be a close encounter.  Team Scott took the early advantage going up 4-1 after four ends, Charlie pulled it back to peels after six ends, team Scott thought they had wrapped up the win with a big three in the seventh and a 7-4 lead going into the eighth end.  Some slack play and unlucky shots by team Scott allowed Charlie to build up a head and eventually take a four, Disaster!!  Into the ninth end and Charlie kept things clear, hitting every shot team Scott put into the house.  Lynn faced a hit and stick for the peel, which she did with ease to secure a hard fought point.  

All three Ballindalloch teams have made a promising start to the season, hopefully we can all resume where we left off when the rink reopens for curling in two weeks.

photo above shows Ryan, Tony and Gordie during their game on Wednesday night.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Province Division 3

Last seasons Division 4 champions took to the ice last Wednesday to play their first game in the lofty heights of Division 3.

Lynn Scott and her team of Alan Mcintyre, Robert Bremner and Don Gatt faced Fochabers Ronnie Christie and his team of Susan Durno, Francis Duncan and Stan Smith.

Team Scott got off to a flying start, opening up a five shot lead after three ends.  By the time the fourth end got underway Ronnie and his team had warmed up,  taking a big four and reducing the deficite to one, game on! Lynn took a single in the fifth before Ronnie took control of the game with a three in the sixth.

Into the seventh, and final end, things got interesting.  With Lynn about to play the last stone of the end this is what she faced:


With three stones biting the four foot circle, knowone was sure who lay shot.  Lynn (playing red stones) elected to tap the red stone biting the top four to ensure at least the peel.  The shot looked good all the way, but on unpredictable ice, swung at the last missing the target stone and coming up short.

It came down to the measure!  After a few careful attempts it was given to the good guys, just!

The first, hard fought points on the board for team Scott.

P.s , as it turns out Ronnie had to call on a sub, but as the sub plays for a division one team, had to give up a penalty shot resulting in a win for team Scott.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Moray Province Division 5


Stuart Mackenzie and his rink got the 2012-13 season underway last night when they faced Linda Hardie's Forres side in the opening round of games.

Reports from within the team suggest they were rather rusty, being 5-2 down after 5 seemed to confirm.  Stuart, reverting to a sliding delivery this year, rallied his troops in the 6th however and took a three before securing the win with a steal in the 7th and securing the points.

Photo shows Mark Macklin, Bob Lawton, Gav Mackenzie and Stuart Mackenzie (proudly wearing his Ross County bonnet)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Aviemore 1976

I'm sure a few members will remember the days, before the Moray Leisure Centre opened, when they had to travel south to Aviemore for a game of curling.  Obviously I am too young to remember this but I have heard many nostalgic tales, usually after a few drams at a Bonspiel, about the great rink at Aviemore.

Well today I came across a feature on 'Curling History'  regarding the 1976 World Junior Curling Championships that were held at Aviemore.  Bob Cowan has posted two very good clips on his site showing the highlights of key games from the competition, and there are a few Ballindalloch Curling Club members past and present featured in the footage. 

Please have a look at Bob Cowan's page here and see if you can spot the Ballindallochers!!!

Photo above shows the Scotland team of Bob Kelly, Ken Horton, Willie Jamieson and Keith Douglas.  Photo copyright  'Curling History'

Friday, 31 August 2012

Mixed Doubles competition for Moray Province?

At this year's Moray Province A.G.M the idea of replacing the annual Mixed Pairs competition with the relatively new discipline of Mixed Doubles was suggested.  The idea seemed to be welcomed by some and dismissed by others.(surprise??!)

With entries dwindling for the pairs in recent years ( only ten teams entered last year compared with thirty 5 years ago)  change is needed to revitalise this once healthy competition.

 As yet there has been no announcement either way, but for those of you who regularly participate in the pairs, or who might fancy participating in mixed doubles, if it becomes a province competition, and have never seen it played here is the official World Curling Federation demonstration video for you to get a feel for the game and its rules. 

Click on the image to view video. 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Four Nations

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club are currently seeking applications from members to represent Scotland at the four nations competition, held at Ayr ice rink from 19th - 20th January 2013.

The competition sees Scotland compete against England, Ireland and Wales in a number of  games over the weekend.  If you are interested in applying please follow this link

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ballindalloch at Altitude

I recently came across an interesting Ballindalloch Curling Club related article on Bob Cowan and David Smith's website ' Curling History'

Click Here to have a look at the article
Picture above is taken from 'Curling History'

Monday, 6 August 2012

A.G.M 2011-12 Season

On Thursday July 26th 7 club members attended the Annual General Meeting of Ballindalloch Curling Club. 

A number of important issues were discussed, including the club billing skips for competition entry fees, raising the annual subs, the feasibility of holding a second club bonspiel during the season and allocating and billing skips for Area 10 Bonspiel.

The meeting was concluded with the prize giving, Callum Jacklin accepted the George Grant Memorial Trophy on behalf of the  Stuart Mackenzie team of Stuart, Bob Lawton, Eilidh Yeats and Callum.

Thanks go to John Grant for the use of the distillery meeting rim and the generous prizes he donated.

picture shows Callum and the George Grant Memorial Trophy.

Monday, 23 July 2012


The Ballindalloch Curling Club A.G.M will be held this coming Thursday (26th) at Glenfarclas Distillery. The meeting will commence at 7pm.

As well as the meeting there will also be prizes, kindly offered by John Grant, to be presented to the winners of the George Grant Memorial Trophy.

I hope to see a few of you there!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Curling Equipment SALE

It may seem like an unusual time to be thinking of purchasing curling equipment, but Tom Pendreigh at British Curling Supplies is holding a sale of 'End of line products and shop soiled stock' at Inverness Ice Centre this Saturday (28th)  from 12pm - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm.  So if you are thinking of buying a new pair of shoes, buying your first curling brush or just fancy treating yourself, head along to Inverness this weekend.

There will also be an opportunity to buy next season's products at this season's prices with a estimated saving of 5 - 10%.

Alternatively, if you cant make it along to the sale, have a look at the British Curling Supplies website : 

There are a few alternative options to British Curling Supplies in Scotland, The Murrayfield Curling Club shop has a number of very reasonable priced curling shoes on sale at present (  and CorstenSinclair ( also have an extensive range of curling  products to offer.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

2012 Moray International

This weekend seen Moray Leisure Centre play host to the 4th Moray International Bonspiel. The event is the brain child of the 'weel kaint' curler Andy Cameron, who over the last four years has attracted some high profile Scottish and European curlers to Elgin for what has come to been a very sociable and enjoyable weekend.

This year the event was won by club members Steve McGingle, Eilidh Yeats, Brian Yeats and Forres' Amy Macdonald.

Well Done guys, a fantastic achievement!

Photo shows the winning team of Steve Mcgingle, Eilidh Yeats, Brian Yeats and Amy Macdonald. courtesy of Brian Yeats

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Province Points

On Wednesday March 13th, The Moray Province Points competition was held at the Moray Leisure Centre. 11 players took part in the 10 disciplines of points curling.

Ballindalloch were represented by Ruth Kennedy, winner of the club points night, and by Lynn Scott, due to the corespondent forgetting all about the competition!

It turned out to be a great night for Ballindalloch and in particular Ruth Kennedy who won the over all competition on 34 points. Lynn finished 3rd, a great achievement for both members, well done.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Millennium Bonspiel 2012

Yesterday, Saturday 10th March, Ballindalloch and Fochabers curling clubs made the trip through to Aberdeen to compete in the Millennium Bonspiel. Each club playing for their own trophies and against each other for the Grant Ice Bucket.

Here is a small selection of photos from the day

Gill Garrow delivering with Callum and Alan ready to sweep.

David Kelly

Neil and Susan Durno deciding on the shot to play vs Lynn Scott

Callum and Gill Sweeping Alan's Draw attempt, with Willie in the head.

A jet lagged Steve Mcgingle

Eilidh Yeats

Lynn Scott and her team were the 'comeback masters' of the day, being 4 - 2 down in the last end of their 3rd game, they scored a 7! In the last game they were 5-1 down and scored a 5 for the win.

Can anyone spot the none Ballindalloch/Fochabers Members on the ice? Hint: Scottish Champions!

The McKerron and Milne Trophy and prizes, courtesy of our sponsor, Brian Yeats. Thanks must go to Brian for his continued sponsorship of the event.

Now for the result. In a high scoring day, where they didn't drop a game the winners of the 2012 Millennium Bonspiel were Willie Jamieson and his rink of Alan Mcintyre, Gill Garrow and Callum Jacklin.

The victorious team with the trophy.

Runners-up were Lynn Scott and her team of Robert Bremner, Tony Duncan and Brian Marr.

Eilidh Yeats with Stuart Mackenzie, Kyle Mackenzie and Alison wood were third on the day.

And the all important wooden spoon went to....................

Ryan Mackenzie and his team of Mark Jacklin, Davie Irvine and Ruth Kennedy.

Ballindalloch regained the Grant Ice Bucket from Fochabers who won last seasons event, Well done to everyone who took part, it was another successful day.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Millennium Bonspiel

This Saturday Ballindalloch and Fochabers head to Aberdeen to compete for the Millennium Trophy/Grant Ice Bucket.

The Ballindalloch rinks for the day are:

Willie Jamieson
Alan Mcintyre
Gill Garrow
Callum Jacklin

Lynn Scott
Robert Bremner
Tony Duncan
Brian Marr

Steve Mcgingle
David Kelly
Gav Mackenzie
Tricia Lawson

Ryan Mackenzie
Ruth Kennedy
Mark Jacklin
Davie Irvine

Eilidh Yeats
Kyle Mackenzie
Alison Wood
Stuart Mackenzie

The Fochabers teams will be skipped by Alan Durno, Neil Durno, Bill Jaffrey, Frances Duncan and Ronald Christie.

As always, I'm sure it will be a competitive day, but above all a fun and enjoyable one.

Good curling everyone!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Moray Firth Ladies Invitational Bonspiel 2012

On Tuesday March 6th, Moray Firth Ladies Curling Club held their annual invitational bonspiel at the Moray Leisure Centre.

Ballindalloch were represented by Skip Lynn Scott, Ruth Kennedy, Anne Park and Gill Garrow. In their opening game they overcame Bught Ladies from Inverness before downing a Moray Firth Ladies team in the second session to win the Bonspiel.

This is the third concecutive year that Lynn, Ruth, Anne and Gill (along with Sam Williams the first season) have won this competition.

A great achievement, congratulations ladies!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Macallan Bonspiel

Elgin Curling Club held their annual Bonspiel on Saturday March 3rd at the Moray Leisure Centre. Ballindalloch were represented by Skip Tony Duncan and his team of Robert Bremner, Audrey Marr and Tricia Lawson.

In their first game Ballindalloch took on Ugie ( a team from Fraserburgh, not the hotel as we thought!!) in a friendly, fun game Ballindalloch won 7-5

In the afternoon session Ballindalloch faced the Grampian Police. In a game that was closer than the score suggests, the Coppers ran out 9-4 winners.

although there were only three sheets being used in each session, as good time was had by all, there was a bar!! and alister Maltman entertained all with his loudmouth breeks!

Province Mixed Pairs

On Tuesday night, 5 members of Ballindalloch took to the ice to play in the Moray Province Mixed Pairs competition. Five times winner of the competition Gordie Kennedy was playing with his wife, Ruth, in the absence of his regular playing partner Lynn Scott. Robert Bremner was playing with Eilidh Yeats and Audrey Marr was playing alongside Mike Watt of Fochabers.

In the opening round of games Gordie and Ruth took on Forres' Sandra McIver. The Kennedy's were in control from the start and ran out 7-0 winners.

Robert and Eilidh took on Gordon Kelly and Ailsa Henderson of the Moray Juniors in their opening game. In a largely one sided game Robert and Eilidh Ran out 8-0 winners over the four ends.

It was an all Ballindalloch affair in the second round of games as the two highest scoring winners from the first round, Robert and Eilidh faced Gordie and Ruth.

In the first end Eilidh played a just off centre line guard with her first and came round it twice, laying top twelve foot and back twelve foot, her fourth came to rest on the back four foot to leave them lying three. With the first of his skip stones Gordie played a delightful draw to the button, ferociously swept may I add. With the last of his stones Robert played an up weight shot to pick Gordie's shot out, leaving them lying three again, and again gordie played a great draw under pressure to get his single.

In the second end there was a number of centre guards in play, Gordie was lying one at the edge of the 8 foot with an opposing stone half checking in front, Robert had a bitter at the opposite side of the house. Gordie elected to hit the opposing stone out but caught it slightly on the outside with both the shot stone and shooter spinning out, leaving the opposing stone biting at the back of the house. Robert drew for a three.

The momentum in the third end swung both ways with a few missed shots from both teams, Gordie was faced with a single stone in the eight foot with his last, he hit and rolled out to blank the end.

In the last end Robert and Eilidh played the end trying to protect a single counter in the back eight foot. Somehow they managed this and ran out 4-1 winners.

Now to the final standings!!

With other High Road games going their way Robert and Eilidh managed a score of 4 points and +11 Shots, beating Neil and Susan Durno by one shot to claim the Trophy! Gordie and Ruth Kennedy were placed third on +3 shots.

Looking through the role of past winners Robert and Eilidh are the youngest ever winners of the Moray Province Mixed! Congratulations.

A successful night for Ballindalloch.

photo shows Mixed Pairs winner Eilidh ready to sweep.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Points Night

The 2012 Ballindalloch Points, as every year, was a keenly fought affair. Six club members took to the ice to compete in the 10 disciplines of points curling.

Here is a small taste of the nights action:

Don Gatt's delivery

Robert Bremner

Callum Jacklin ferociously sweeping his promotion effort.

Eilidh Yeats going for an inwick.

Ruth Kennedy delivering her take out

Tony Duncan

Ruth Kennedy Playing her guard.

Now, down to the crutial scores! With the scoring close going into the last few disciplines it took a great performance in 'chipping the winner' and 'drawing through the port' from Ruth Kennedy to clinch the 2012 points competition on 41 points. Excellent score, well done Ruth.

>In second place was Robert Bremner on 38 points, Tony Duncan came third with 28 points.

Ruth and Robert now go on to represent Ballindalloch at the Moray Province points night on March 13th.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mixed Pairs

The Moray Province Mixed Pairs will be played on Tuesday night between 6.30 and 9pm

With a reduced field, due to a number of withdraws, and a change in time due to the Leisure Centre wishing to close at nine, a re-draw had to be made.

Ballindalloch will be represented by two teams. Gordie and Ruth Kennedy play Forres' Sandra McIver in their opening game, while Robert Bremner and Eilidh Yeats take on a team from the Moray Junior Curling Club.

Good luck and good curling to both teams.

Ladies Knock-out Final

Lynn Scott and her team of Ruth Kennedy, Anne Park and Maureen Walker made it all the way to the final of this year's Moray Province Ladies Knock-out Final, where they played defending champion Louise Marshall of Elgin Curling Club.

In a close, exceptionally competitive game Louise came out on top, winning 6 - 2.

Well done to Lynn and her team for reaching the final and putting on a strong display.

Millennium Bonspiel

The Millennium Bonspiel, played between Ballindalloch and Fochabers Curling Club's will this year be held on Saturday, March 10th.

We almost have a full quota of players for the day, so, if you don't want to miss out on this excellent day let me know a.s.a.p!!

As always there will be a bus travelling through, picking up merry curlers on the way, dropping off worse for ware curlers on the way home!!

We will have 5 teams on the ice, skipped by Gordie Kennedy, Willie Jamieson, Steve McGingle and Lynn Scott. The competition sponsor, and past president Brian Yeats will have a sponsors team. With this depth of quality Fochabers will be running scared!!

Points Night

The annual club points night will be played tomorrow night ( 27th February) at the Moray Leisure Centre, 7pm. The winner and runner up will represent Ballindalloch at the Province Points competition on March 12th.

The current holder of the points trophy is club president David McGaan, who won last year on 33 points.

See you all there!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Moray Province (East) Division 4

With two games remaining in Division 4 of the Moray Province (East) Lynn Scott's rink have secured their 4th title in five years.

In a nail biting game against closest rivals Bob Stewart of Elgin, Lynn and her team of Alan McIntyre, Robert Bremner and Don Gatt survived losing a few early singles to come out on top winning 6-4 and with it secure the Bob Harcus trophy.

Having only lost their opening fixture, Team Scott have posted 6 straight victories on their way to the League title. This season has also seen a change in line up to the successful team of the previous 4 seasons, Don Gatt coming in at lead to replace Sam Williams, who is shortly due to have her first child.

Photo shows Skip Lynn Scott with her mischievous team in the background! :)

Photo Copyright Bob Cowan @ Skipcottage

Gammack Bell

Congratulations go to Gordie Kennedy, Lynn Scott, Steve McGingle and Ruth Kennedy for winning the 2012 Gammack Bell mixed knock out, beating Howard Anstruther in the Final, report to follow...

Scottish Seniors Finals 2012

The 3/4 Ballindalloch team of Willie Jamieson, Gordie Kennedy, David Kelly and David McGaan are this weekend competing in the Scottish Seniors Finals at the Hamilton Ice Rink, Lanarkshire.

The prize for the winning rink, along with the honour of being Scottish Senior Champions, is the chance to represent Scotland at the World Senior Championships in Taarnby, Denmark in April.

To follow the teams progress follow this link:

Go team Ballindalloch!!

For a review of the seniors follow the link to on the right of the page!

Photo shows Gordie, Dave Kelly and David McGaan

Photo is copyright Bob Cowan @ Skip Cottage.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Scottish Seniors 2012

Congratulations to the Willie Jamieson rink for reaching the finals of the Scottish Senior championships for a second consecutive season. The team is made up of three Ballindalloch members, Skip Willie Jamieson, Gordie Kennedy and David McGaan along with fourth member David Kelly.

The team came through the qualifying event at Greenacres on a record of three wins and one loss, topping the group. They now head to the finals at Hamilton from February 9 - 12 where they have drawn to play against former Scottish Champion Graeme Adam, as well as Jack Steven, Billy Nairn, Don Stark and David Hardie.

We wish the team best of luck in the finals.

top photo: skip, Willie Jamieson in action at Greenacres

Below: Gordie Kennedy in action.

2012 Bookless Quaich

On Saturday the Ballindalloch team of Steve McGingle, Robert Bremner, Tony Duncan and Audrey Marr travelled the short distance to Inverness to compete in the 2012 Area 10 Bookless Quaich.

Having been drawn to play the Bught Ladies in the opening game the team believed they were in for a rough ride! Bught Ladies having won the opening Bonspiel of the season. On the day though a very different Bught team took to the ice. Ballindalloch controlled the game from the start scoring 2 consecutive 3's before a big 5 killed the game.

Final score: Ballindalloch 14 - Bught Ladies 2

Having been the highest scoring team from the opening session Ballindalloch took on Jim Robb's Highland rink in the afternoon game. Steve, having blanked the first end, took his pair in the second end quickly followed by a 3 in the third. Good play by the Highland rink in the closing ends forced some excellent shot making from Ballindalloch to wrap the game up.

Final score Ballindalloch 7 - Highland 3

Having a far more superior shot difference than closest challengers Nairn, Ballindalloch won the Bonspiel and took home the Bookless Quaich for the first time in our history.

the photo shows the winning rink (L-R) Tony Duncan, Steve McGingle, Audrey Marr, Robert Bremner with the Bookless Quaich.